Add a variable for the Current Map to R6:Siege game events

Feature description

Add a new Info Update to the Rainbow Six: Siege API that provides the name of the map that is currently being played.

Current workaround

There is currently no way of automatically detecting this, with the current information provided. I’m asking my users to manually provide the information by way of an unobtrusive pop-up. But obviously this isn’t an ideal solution.


Implementation recommendation

Could be an additional variable added to the match_info info updates. So aside from the pseudo_match_id and game_mode you have a current_map. Thus:


Technical recommendation

The information becomes available in-game at the same time as your current pseudo_match_id event triggers. It’s a string in the UI that could probably be read from running memory:


OUTBACK is the map-name here, with BOMB being the gamemode, and Day being the variant of the map. The variant is always day, as Ubisoft discontinued the night variants of maps at the end of last year.

Alternatively, the map-name could be pulled during the loading-phase from the UI here:

Feature potential

There is massive potential here.

Knowing the current map can be used for all kinds of potential app ideas and feature additions.

Some off the top of my head:

  • Strategy recommendations
  • Operator recommendations
  • Banning recommendations
  • Showing floor plans
  • Statistics tracking per map (my current implementation)

Furthermore, Ubisoft announced during the Operator Void Edge reveal, that they will implement Map Banning later this year. They reiterated this in an update just earlier today; That it is ‘coming soon’. Current expectation is that it will arrive around October 2020. It’d be awesome to have the ability to track map data before Map Banning becomes a thing in the game.

Possibility of exploiting

None. What map you are playing on, is completely obvious information for all players in the match. It’s clearly communicated from the very first second of the match, so there is no chance of any ‘unfair advantage’ of any kind.

@eransharv You didn’t ask for this topic, but just in case:

The rating for this FR for my app is low.

I have the feature already implemented, but with the user having to manually enter the data.
It’s only a single pop-up question per match, so most users leave it enabled.

However, I’m also guessing this would likely be by far the easiest of my FRs to implement quickly, from your developers’ point of view.

Add to that the ‘Map Banning’ feature coming soon to R6, and this could be a very nice additional event to implement for R6!

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@Bl0n thanks for the info. we will discuss that internally and let you know.

@Bl0n Hi, I push it into our backlog. So we will implement it, but no ETA for that yet.
I willl keep you updated, but it might take some time.


Cool! Thanks for the update.