Apex Legends - Add health armor and ammo status updates

Feature Description:
Added events to receive current health status / shield status / ammo status.
this events should be fired after taking damage (shielded or unshielded), and after firing a weapon / swapping a weapon.
these events refer to real time data and as such should receive high priority in the the events engine, as a delay in them is much more noticeable than a “match end” event that nothing will change if it gets delayed in 2 seconds (i.e the match will still be over…) …
currently we have an event that tells us how much damage WE did (and its broken as hell, as it keeps tracking after you die and sums the spectated enemys\friends new damage to the totalDamageDealt param:slightly_smiling_face: and keeps summing the wrong number if you get re-spawned, but its manageable on client logic ). but we have no information on ammo count \ firing event nor our own health \ shield status.
these are the very basic features of any FPS game… makes no sense not having access to them.