Dota2 - Add events for match start & match end

I would like to request support for match start & match end events for Dota2

Outplayed uses these events in order to start/stop recording in a generic way.

Note: please make sure that the events are fired on all modes (including Hero Demo)

@shir.brass HI,

on the ticket on GitHub, you said that you noticed that these events exist:

  1. Please attach here your logs that show these events, so I can add the right documentation as needed.
  2. I understand that currently, you have a workaround? That critical to our prioritization.
  3. Is there are modes that more important for you than others?

my biggest issue with new_game/game_over is that it doesn’t cover the “Demo” mode, which some of our users are using, and you are currently not supporting.

I’ll do a run of dota and provide you the logs when I can :slight_smile:

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@eransharv here’s my repro:

game_over :

2020-07-07 11:50:55,561 (INFO) </src/services/games/GameEventsService.js> (:112) - [GameEventsService] Got Game Event: {"events":[{"name":"game_over","data":""}]}

new_game: I didn’t get the event, don’t know if it’s due to mode or due to other reasons
either way, its structure used to be like game_over

Full Logs: (1.1 MB)