False Positive in PointBlank

Issue Description:
Hello. It’s an anti cheat company Cryptect.

In our protected PointBlank game, our solution has detected a false positive by OverWolf and we have a request for it.

OverWolf injects OWClient.dll and OWExplorer.dll into PointBlank.exe.
and Then they’re tampering the following DirectX functions:
TestCooperativeLevel, AddRef, Release, Reset, Present

Due to these false positives, some users are inconvenient.
I’ll ask for you to whitelist PointBlank.exe in Overwolf.
PointBlank.exe Download link is " http://cdn2.pointblank.id/Indonesia/PointBlank/Install_Full/PointBlankInstall_2019_0809.exe "
Steps to reproduce:
Impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper]

Please attach a zip package of your logs