Game events are not working - PUBG

Issue Description: game events are not working until re-opening the game in some scenarios.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make sure that OW is open.
  2. Launch PUBG. get into the lobby.
  3. Close OW.
  4. Launch pubg sample app from the desktop shortcut.
  5. Open dev console.
  6. Enter a match.
  7. No events.

Impact for my app: High
Do you currently have a workaround? no


I was able to reproduce the issue. We will further check it and let you know.
The described scenario is not so common FMHO - (the user launch the game with OW on, leave the game running, exit OW and relaunch it).

I tested a more expected scenario: the user launches the game while OW is off than on the lobby. It launches OW. In this case, everything worked as expected, and the app got the events.