IO API: create a zip of a folder

I want to upload my app’s logs (to my own S3) when some kind of error is thrown inside the app.

Today I’m using a custom version of the simple-io plugin to zip the logs/MyApp folder, and I’m trying to move everything to the API. I’m starting to have a look at things like JSZip , but access to the file system remains complex without relying on plugins.

Would it be possible to provide this feature in the IO API? I.e. a function that takes a directory in input, and returns a Blob (or whatever) with the contents of the zipped folder?

Hi @sebastientromp,

We will discussed internally and let you know. There are a lot of options to solve this issue.


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Hi, I forgot to update that I pushed it to our backlog and once it will be ready, I will let you know. There is no ETA yet.

Thank you!