Maximized window is misplaced when windows taskbar is sided

Image attached - (maximized game summary misplaced)

Issue Description:
While calling; the window position is not affected by the taskbar location/visibility (while it should).
Happens with any Overwolf window (currently reproduced with my app & game summary & appstore).

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Change the taskbar to be on the left.
  2. Maximize any app.

Impact for my app: low (but we are aiming to have the maximized state as the default one)

Link to video example -

Ps. This issue is there for at least 2 years… Never got to file it.

@Genizzz welcome to our community, and thanks for the feedback.
I will create a bug on this matter and update you with the progress. (might take time as it’s a low priority bug).