Me -> inventory weapon update is not working for at least 3 weapons

Issue Description: some weapons are not being received on the weapons update event,
instead, the equipped slot is being sent as empty.
Steps to reproduce:
#pick up one of the following weapons: LSTAR, Charge Rifle, Sentinel.
##receive a wrong event.
###be sad.

Impact for my app: high
Do you currently have a workaround? nope

Thanks @boazrl, We will check it up and let you know.

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According to my test ( sentinel is received like every other weapon.
Same goes for the L-Star but didn’t catch the 3rd one.

What about the third one? Is this a weapon we would need to develop an event for or is this a bug?


Hey shargaas, the event i was working with and the one with the issue is:
{info: {“info”:{“me”:{“weapons”:"{“weapon0”:“Longbow DMR”,“weapon1”:“P2020”}"}},“feature”:“inventory”}},

unless fixed i might be able to use the in use event as a partial bypass, but for example will never be aware of a situation where lets say
weapon0 = r99
weapon1 = LSTAR

R99 is in use
LSTAR was thrown away. using backpack right-click
since the in use weapon will not be called cause the in use weapon was never changed (still r99)
and my equipped weapons event already showed me a “weapon0: r99” (without weapon1 since those weapons don’t turn up there )
i will not be able to catch the change. and display the information at real-time

if you could somehow make that event show the weapons properly and not only the in-use event it would be really awesome.

also, if you have the names of those 3 weapons already sitting there in front of your eyes in the code - id be glad to have them :smiley:

also also what does mp stand for in mp_weapon_sentinel


I don’t know what it stands for, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:
Though while on the same subject - Charge rifle is {\"inUse\":\"mp_weapon_defender\"}"}}.

Regarding weapon feature, it’s not working as intended currently. We’ll open a bug and fix it soon.
Until then I suggest using the inUse category as a workaround.

the new volt smg weapon suffers from the same bug…
becoming pretty high priority for us, being used in a loved component of our app which is now broken for those 4 weapons…

we will soon celebrate a Bar Mitzva for this bug, prepare the checks.

We chage it to higher priority. We’ll try fixing it in 2-3 weeks.

Hey Eran, any update?

@boazrl Chceking the status and let you know. Thanks.