Mouse cursor disappearing for some users

@heartharena So we discussed that internally, and our senior R&D team lead examined the logs and the case. Unfortunately, currently, we can’t find any clues in the logs nor the root cause of the issue.
Without the exact steps to reproduce, it will be almost impossible to find. We Tried to relaunch the game over and over, but it wasn’t reproducible.

As you already reproduced it yourself, please try to do that again, but make sure to record your steps. That can significantly help us. If you have some other ideas, we will be happy to hear.


@heartharena, I understand that you already got from Yotam a new game list file that might fix the issue.

I guess it will take time to see if it helped or not. I will keep this ticket open for a week and then close it. If it happens again, please mention me here so I will re-open it.

@eransharv, I didn’t send it to @heartharena.

It was impossible on our end to reproduce this issue, however, we did deploy a gameslist that can potentially fix the issue.

If it’s possible to let us know if the number of reports about it has decreased.


Has it already been deployed to everyone? I received a report of the mouse disappearing yesterday

@Heaser Is it already deployed?
@sebastientromp is the number of reports about it has decreased?

I can’t say it has. The reports are very few (not saying that the issue doesn’t happen a lot, just that the reports themselves are not frequent), so having a single report is in line with what I had before

I can confirm it still happens:

We are re-checking it, and I let you know. Thanks.

@sebastientromp can you please ask for the logs from this user?

I just found a way to replicate it with 100% success. Here is what you do:

  1. Open any other window program that you will ALT-Tab to in a future step (step #4). This can be any program like slack or the launcher for example.
  2. Open Hearthstone in windowed mode and the HearthArena app.
  3. Hover over the Heartharena app so you see the cursor of the app (not the hearthstone cursor)
  4. Alt-tab and go to the window of #1. This should now be on top of your Hearthstone window.
  5. Now click the title bar of the Hearthstone windowed mode-window (this is the bar at the top of the HS window), but make sure you that while moving your mouse towards the title bar, you do NOT hover over the Hearthstone window.
  6. The Hearthstone window will re-position and you loose your Hearthstone cursor.

I have managed to reproduce it using this scenario as well \o/

Thanks for providing these steps, we’ll update you once a fix is released.

Fixed on version 159 (ETA for release Dec 8-9)

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@sebastientromp Please verify that the fix is working. (You can find OW v0.159 on the developers channel)

Hey, I just got an update from a user

It was ok until today subce january 8, but today the bug happened twice

@sebastientromp, do you know which OW version this user has?
Did you have some encounters with the bug recently?

Hey eran,

do you know which OW version this user has?

I don’t. However, since they mention it was ok since 08/01, I assume they were actively using the app, and so OW should have updated properly. Also, the bug seemed to have disappeared for a while for them, and only resurfaced recently.

Did you have some encounters with the bug recently?

Not personally