obtainDeclaredWindow doesn't include a monitorId

Issue Description: The monitorId is missing from the windowResult object returned from obtainDeclaredWindow
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Call overwolf.windows.obtainDeclaredWindow() with any window name.
  2. Inspect the window object returned. There should be a monitorId. Instead it always seems to be null.

Impact for my app: mid
Do you currently have a workaround?

It seems that getCurrentWindow works fine. So I’ve been using that and saving the result to a store where other functions can access the monitorId. But it would be a lot cleaner, faster, and easier to maintain if obtainDeclaredWindow gave me a monitorId.

@bmills95 Thanks,
We created a bug on this issue. We will update you once the fix is done.
The current ETA is v0.162, but that might be earlier.