Open overwolf window on current mouse position

Issue Description:
I like to open the overwolf window based in current cursor position, thought about using changePosition + - but getting “inputTracking is not initialized” - any thoughts on that idea and how to solve that feature with overwolf?

Here my Repo and a recording of the overwolf app (if needed). Feel free to PR if you want to.

Anyone knows why this is not working?> {
        console.log('MOUSE POSITION RECEIVED');

“inputTracking is not initialized”

@patrickjaja sorry for the late response. some technical issues prevent us from getting notifications about new tickets.
I will take a look at your question tomorrow when I’ll get to the office. Thanks!

Hi @patrickjaja,

So in order to use the without getting the inputTracking is not initialized error message, you will have to register to one of these events:


I know it’s not trivial, and actually it looks like a bug. So I’m going to open a bug for it’s, but for now, you can use this workaround.



We created a bug and we will update when it will be fixed.


Updated ETA: OW client v0.160.