Other recording tools causes issues with Gazoom's recordings

Issue Description: Ooutplayed/fuze.tv cause issues with our recording (once both apps are installed) we are not using “automated highlights” so this might be the issue but this way we can better time the recordings.
Steps to reproduce: Install Fuze.tv/ outplayed and Gazoom, run apex legends (should also work with any other game). Only fuze/outplayed will have a recording after the match. Gazoom not.
Impact for my app: HIGH
Do you currently have a workaround?
Please mention the time of the event so we can find it easily in the logs 11:50ish am Barcelona time OverwolfLogs_2020-06-08_12-02-09.zip (1.4 MB)


Thank you for the info.

I will take a look at that today/tomorrow and let you know.

@Warcylewis can you please tell me how exactly you are using the recording? can you paste here the settings and the call to the recording? I want to see how you are using it and which function exactly.

@Warcylewis, so I checked that issue a little bit.
So the reason that Outplayed and Fuze.tv working together is the fact that both of them using the auto-highlights mode. And all the processes that use that mode considered to be a “single” user. So no conflicts, and it’s working correctly.

Our system not supporting yet two concurrent modes of capture at the same time. Means, if your app is trying to capture a full-length match or using the streaming API and not the reply auto-highlights API - you will get an error like you are getting now. (probably an “ALREADY CAPTURE” error or something like this).