overwolf.media.getScreenshotUrl not working in Vulkan

Issue Description:
overwolf.media.getScreenshotUrl does not work when running the Vulkan version of Rainbow Six: Siege.
It results in a {"success":false,"status":"error","error":"Capture failed"}

Steps to reproduce:
Open Rainbow Six: Siege in Vulkan mode (not DirectX11) and try to execute:

overwolf.media.getScreenshotUrl({crop: {x:100, y:100, width:100, height:100}}, function(info){
				if (typeof info.url === 'undefined') {
					console.log('Screenshot error:');

Impact for my app: mid
It means I can offer a particular feature to the DirectX11 users, but not to the Vulkan users. It also means I’m not really developing new features that require the overwolf.media.getScreenshotUrl call, as the vast majority of Siege players switched to Vulkan when it came out.

Additional info:
This has been discussed with eransharv and was confirmed by elad.bahar here: https://overwolfdevs.slack.com/archives/C5MF52QN6/p1584605738058700?thread_ts=1584535059.057000&cid=C5MF52QN6

I’m using Overwolf v0.145.0.19.