[overwolf.social.discord] shared video file is not being posted to discord - uploaded to OutPlayed servers and link to OutPlayed is being posted to Discord instead

Issue Description: The expected behavior when we started using this API: The shared video file should be uploaded and posted to Discord while the text of the posted message is completely determined by the user of the API.
The actual behavior:

  1. The video is not being uploaded and posted to discord
  2. The video is being uploaded to OutPlayed’s servers
  3. Text message is automatically suffixed with a link to the video on OutPlayed’s servers, which makes it impossible to post any message to discord without redirecting users to OutPlayed’s domain.

Steps to reproduce: Use the Share function overwolf.social.discord.share to share any video to any channel on Discord.
Impact for my app: low
Do you currently have a workaround? No

@shir.brass @Eyal @Glide thanks for the up-vote guys. Taking a look at the source code of the following function overwolf.social.discord.share() would really help us with a work around. Could you please share it?

@mazalex we are checking the issue and we will update you.
@Glide FYI.

@mazalex There’s a 8mb limit for uploading videos to discord (for non Nitro users).
I think that the prefered solution is sharing a link to the video on fuze.tv to Discord.
What do you think?