Possibility of Overwolf on MacOS

  • Feature Description: Allowing MacOS support for Overwolf
  • impact for my app: show-stopper
  • My Current Issue is I was planning next year to transition to curse-forge to begin making add-ons for various games, but I have recently found that curse and Overwolf are merging; Issue is I am also a gamer on MacOS which Overwolf currently has no support for. Being a Competitive League and WoW Player, the loss of add-ons is an absolute blow. I would enjoy if Overwolf would incorporate MacOS Support soon, especially as the new WoW expansion is dropping quite quickly and you might lose potential customers.
  • I have a few ideas to solve it, if you don’t mind me saying from my opinion. Possibly incorporating a MacOS version soon after release of the merged apps, with possibly a different team to manage bugs on mac. A possibly different approach to actually integrating the app, although potentially more expensive is by creating multiple versions of the program in different source trees with seperate source code. Another way to actually integrate is using an app called Juce which is a C++ application framework, use to write native software on multiple systems including Microsoft windows or MacOS. There are also multiple other apps out there that can achieve this purpose such as Ultimate++, Mono or Unity. I hope to not have scared you off with this long suggestion, but I hope to have suggested Ideas that may help for my benefit and for others aspiring to make add-ons for various games, without being restricted by platform

Hey, @Ammardian Hey, and welcome!

This issue discussed in a previous ticket: Overwolf for mac OS, So with your permission, I will paste the comment of our mods community manager, @Gilgi:

  1. We’re currently handling the transfer from Twitch with minimal changes apart from several Ux/Ui features. Once CurseForge is up and running we will take it from there - this includes the API which we will have to figure whether it’ll be open or not.
  2. We will initially develop the app for Windows before executing for Mac/Linux environments.

Additional Resources:
Road Map Board Link: https://trello.com/b/Slaz6xBq/curseforge-roadmap
CurseForge Idea Portal https://curseforge-ideas.overwolf.com/

Anyway, we appreciate your ideas, and I will forward it to the R&D team. Please fill free to continue the discussion here.

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