PUBG API - Inventory/Equipped data not clearing between games

Issue Description: The player’s inventory in PUBG is not cleared between games. When you start a second PUBG game in the same session (i.e. without closing and reopening PUBG), your inventory will still contain all of your previous game’s weapons and items.

Steps to reproduce: Open PUBG, and play through a whole game (it probably doesn’t matter if you die early, but make sure you’ve picked up weapons and armour). When you die and to back to lobby, ping;, with the inventory feature selected. You will see that your inventory and equipped items still contains the items you held in the previous game. Not a big deal.

Now start a new game. when you are in the pre-game (airfield), in the aircraft, and after you land, check your inventory again by the same method. Your inventory will still contain the items from last game. In the image I will attach, you can see that I have landed and picked up a Mini14 (Item_Weapon_Mini14_C_1), but my equipped list still shows the two weapons I was holding when I died in the previous game (Item_Weapon_HK416_C_3 and Item_Weapon_GBU88_C_1).

Impact for my app: [low, mid, high, show-stopper]: high

I can upload more logs if you like, but it’s pretty easy to see what’s happening.


hi @DrWraith,
We will try to reproduce it and let you know.