Summoner_infos not sent to the app by LEP

Issue Description:
I’ve this issue for one user: LEP never sends any summoner_infos to the app when it should. No summonerId, no region …
And actually, even in the LEP logs of this user, those info do not appear (whereas they do appear when I check the LEP logs on my PC).

Steps to reproduce:
Impact for my app: Mid - Not sure how many users get affected. I’ve quite a lot of events (2k/day) in my analytics which might be due to that.

Do you currently have a workaround?
Absolutly not. The affected user I’m in contact with on Discord did everything he could (reinstalled lol, ow, changed lol locale)

Please reproduce and attach a zip package of your OW client logs

Looks like an error when connecting to the LCU websocket (“Region Locale error: 500”)
We’ll send you a new LEP version with a possible fix (so you’ll send it to the user who can reproduce this issue)
I hope that it will be ready for next week

I’m closing this issue as it was resolved on the poro slack channel .