TFT Game Events not registering correctly for user

I have a user with a problem with TFT Game Events. The launcher events are set correctly and respond with this:
launcher setRequiredFeatures success {"success":true,"status":"success","supportedFeatures":["end_game","game_info","lobby_info","game_flow"]}

The game events say they are set correctly and respond with this:
game setRequiredFeatures success: undefined
but no game events actually fire during the match.

Here’s the code that sets both features:

    // Set Launcher Features
		function setFeatures() {
			  function(info) {
				if (info.status === "error") {
					console.log("launcher setRequiredFeatures error, retrying: " +  info.reason);
					window.setTimeout(setFeatures, 2000);
				else {
					console.log("launcher setRequiredFeatures success: " + JSON.stringify(info));
		// Set Game Features
		function setGameFeatures() {
			console.log('setGameFeatures'), function(info) {
				if (info.status === "error") {
					console.log("game setRequiredFeatures error, retrying: " +  info.reason);
					window.setTimeout(setGameFeatures, 2000);
				else if (info.status === 'success') {
					console.log("game setRequiredFeatures success: " +  info.reason);

Hi @jjps , and thanks for the feedback.

We will check it at the beginning of the next week.
I will update you here.


Got another user with the exact same issue. I’ve attached their (595.9 KB) Any updates?

@jjps I will try to get back to you ASAP with updates.

@jjps hi, we can see the events in your logs: (33.1 KB)

Can you please check it with the launcher sample app?

I attached the launcher event provider log. please change the file extension to log.

The launcher events are not the issue, it’s the game events. Or am I misunderstanding your request? And this doesn’t happen to everyone. It’s a tiny subset of users.

Got another user with the issue. Asking for logs. Any updates? Just to reiterate, the launcher events are not the issue, it’s the game events.

Got the logs from the user. Same exact problem. (2.8 MB)

@jjps Thanks. We are checking it.

@jjps we checked your logs and it looks ok. Is it possible to contact one of the users to try reproducing it on their machine?