TFT: missing "chosen" info

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Feature Description:
There is currenlyno way to know if the user has a “chosen” champion (board piece), and which trait of the chosen champion is the “chosen” trait. This makes the porofessor teambuilder unreliable

Impact for my app:
High: users are complaining about the unreliable teambuilder

I will check it today and let you know.

@trebonius0 will it be enough if we’ll provide this info for the “shop”/“store” pieces?

It’s better than nothing, but having the info for the board (even if it’s just a boolean “isChosen” if you cannot have the specific trait at this point) would be better

ok, we’ll add this request to our backlog. (I’ll update you once we have an ETA for it)

@trebonius0 an update: it’s in our backlog. But no ETA yet.