Unit testing the JS and OverwolfPlugin integration

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I would like to be able to test the integration of my app with my C# plugin (I validate each of them independently, but I still would like to validate the full integration).
Today, the OverwolfPlugin is not usable in unit tests because it depends on overwolf.extensions.

What I would like to have is a similar way to load and interface with the plugin in my tests.

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  • What is your current pain point?

I have no way to automatically regress the new developments. This is particularly painful when a new Hearthstone version is released, as it can change the plugin’s output, which means I have to regenerate all my mocks.

  • What do you have in mind to solve it?

A test version of OverwolfPlugin :slight_smile:

note for stuff: after FR is accepted, add a link to the internal ticket.

checking this issue and let you know ASAP. thanks

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@sebastientromp sorry I’m not sure that I understand.
Can you please clarify? what do you mean by:

  • OverwolfPlugin is not usable in unit tests because it depends on overwolf.extensions
  • when a new Hearthstone version is released, it can change the plugin’s output

Hey, sorry for not being clear.

In a unit test context, I don’t have access to overwolf.extensions, since as far as I know the API is injected by the platform. Or is there a way to include the scripts in a unit test context?
Since the OverwolfPlugin 's implementation relies on the OW API, this means I can’t use it in a unit test context.

And the other line is not really important, you can forget it :slight_smile:

@sebastientromp are you familiar with this sample project?

Yes, that’s what I started from :slight_smile:

This is a pure C# project though, and I want to test the integration with the plugin from the Javascript part.
The bridge today is made by a piece of code (included in the sample app) called overwolfplugin.js

The piece of code that prevents me from reusing it in my unit test setup is this:

function _initialize(callback) {
		var proxy = null;

		try {
			proxy = overwolf.extensions.current.getExtraObject; // This doesn't work in a UT environment
		} catch (e) {
			console.error("overwolf.extensions.current.getExtraObject doesn't exist!");
			return callback(false);

@sebastientromp Hi. the function getExtraObject() instantiates the plugin object.
I consult with our R&D, which suggested that you can mock getExtraObject to return a mock plugin object.

My main question is this - how can I return the real plugin object, so that I can write integration tests that include both the JS and the real C# plugin?