Use display name for videos sub folder

  • Feature Description:
    The name of the app’s sub folder under the user’s videos folder is the app name in the manifest, after renaming the app (changing the display name), the videos folder name is still the old one.

  • impact for my app: mid.

  • What is your current pain point?
    It confuses users and creates a bad experience.

  • What do you have in mind to solve it?
    As per our slack conversation, please create a flag like:

We will find a solution and let you know. Thanks

@LeshM you please tell me with which API you are using to save your captured videos.

@LeshM From our tests, even if we changed the code, so it will take the display name, and not the app name (means, it create a folder named “” and not “roach”) - we can see that you create this folder, with the “roach” string:


Can you tell me, how are you doing it?

up until now we used this:

do we need to add a new field to our manifest and use that?

ok this was changed to take the app DISPLAY name as the folder name (currently under field “display” in the manifest) but of course captured videos are still saved into roach folder.

can you tell me what should the field name be if it’s not “display”?