Make morematch info available as info events

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Rocket League 1v1 matches can have all sorts of mutators enabled, from slow motion to low gravity to the ball being square. RL also supports several different game modes, all which differ greatly from the standard mode. To know that one player beat another, which is what the events can provide now, is essential, but so is the ability to know under which terms. In our app, everyone should be expecting to play standard matches with no mutators (or perhaps they can agree on the mutators together and we can verify they match). If a match is played with mutators which don’t match the expectation, we need to know that.

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This is a show stopper, since we can’t trust players to create a standard match; we need to know from Overwolf.

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We need to know:

  1. The game mode (Soccar, Hoops, Hockey, Dropshot, etc)
  2. Mutator settings

It would be very helpful to also know:

  1. The arena used for the match
  2. The region used for the server
  • What do you have in mind to solve it?

Please add a new info update which includes all of the mutators enabled, the current game mode, the server region, and the current arena.

note for stuff: after FR is accepted, add a link to the internal ticket.

Hi @jeaye, and thanks for the feedback.

We will discuss the matter internally, and then we’ll update you.

Usually, it takes a few days. We will update you here.


@itayG adding you to the discussion.

Hey, we added these request to our backlog. We will update you once done.

@jeaye regarding the game modes (Soccer, Hoops, Hockey, Dropshot, etc.) - they are available.
I know that on the docs, we added a note that said that it’s not available, but it’s not updated. We will change it.

You can find it here:

regarding all the other feature requests: I will update you today.